Art Slag

Valley Minerals LLCArt Slag (Lime/Dolo/Spar) Blend is a mixture of Hi-Calcium Lime, Dolomite Lime and Fluorspar. Art Slag (Lime/Dolo/Spar) Blend is used to control viscosity during steel making.

Loss On Ignition Less than 2.5% (as shipped)
Moisture Less than 1.0%
Typical Properties Bulk Density as shipped >90 lbs./ft.3
Storage Art Slag (Lime/Dolo/Spar) Blend should be stored in a dry place. For best resulst, use with two months.
Standard Packaging Super sacks, 3000 lbs. each; Labeled in 3" letters "ART SLAG" and a production date.

Chemical Analysis(%) Sizing U.S. Standard Mesh
  Mesh %Passing
CaF2, Contained > 60% 3/4" 95%
Pebble Lime/Dolomite Lime Balance