Dolag/Dolo:Dolomitic Lime

dolagDolag (Dolomitic Quicklime) is a calcined or light burned dolomitic limestone. Firing in a rotary kiln drives off excess carbon dioxide and results in a chemically reactive calcium magnesium oxide product. It is used primarily as a metallurgical flux in basic slag practice steel melting by basic oxygen furnace or electric arc furnace.

What is Dolag?
Dolag, a Dolomitic Quicklime – or more simply Dolime, is produced by heating appropriate grades and sizes of raw dolomite rock in a rotary kiln to temperatures exceeding 2300°F and holding that temperature long enough to drive out chemically combined carbon dioxide gas. This process is called “Calcining” and the product is sometimes referred to as “calcined dolomite.” This results in achemicallyreactive calcium magnesium oxide product.

How is Dolag Used In Steelmaking?
dolagDolag, which has been calcined as discussed above, is used in conjunction with high calcium lime to form a basic slag over the hot metal during the oxygen blow in a BOF or during the meltdown and finishing in an electricarc furnace. Dolag usage varies from shop to shop but normally ranges between 20% to 50% of the total lime charge.

What Advantages are Offered by Dolag?

Dolag, when used as part of the lime charge has proven it can appreciably increase lining life in both BOF and electric arc furnaces.

What Quality Control Tests are Performed?
During production of Dolag, numerous samples are taken. dolagParticle sizing, loss on ignition and chemical analysis are performed to insure product meets typical specifications.

How is Dolag Packaged & Shipped?
Dolag is available in Super Sacks containing weights appropriate to customer use. Individual super sacks weights will usually not exceed 3200 pounds but can be filled to any specified weight with smaller sacks double or triple stacked on a pallet. Dolag is also available in 50 pound paper bags palletized to a total weight as specified by customer requirements. All packaged material is shipped on 2-way wooden pallets.

Is Dolag Available in Bulk Format?
Dolag is the name given to ourDolomitic Quicklime or Dolime packaged for shipment. Bulk Dolag is shipped in dump trailertrucksforeven dolaggreater cost savings to our customer.

What are Other Possible Uses for Dolag?
Dolag, being a dolomitic lime, can be used for neutralizing waste acids, soilstabilization, water treatment, as a source of MgO and as a binder for iron ore pellets.
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Loss On Ignition Less than 2% (as shipped)
Sulfure Content Less than 0.035%
Reactivity High (ASTM C110, section 10.)
Standard Packaging Dolag is packaged in 50# bags or super sacks and shipped by truck.

Product Data
Chemical Composition   Sizing  
SiO2 1.2% 100% Passing 2 inch
FeO3 4.0% 20% Passing 1/4 inch
Al2O3 0.6%    
CaO 58.0%    
MgO 36.2%    

Typcial Properties
Loss on Ignition (ASTM C25) Less than 2.0%
Sulfur Content Less than 0.1%
Reactivity (ASTM C110) HIGH