Hi-Cal, Pebble Lime, & Granular

Valley Minerals LLCHi-Cal is a calcined or light burned limestone. Firing in a rotary kiln drives off excess carbon dioxide and results in a chemically reactive calcium oxide product. It is primarily used as a metallurgical flux in basic slag practice steel melting by either basic oxygen furnace or electric arc furnace.

Loss On Ignition Less than 2.5% (as shipped)
Sulfure Content Less than 0.035%
Reactivity High (ASTM C110, section 10.)
Standard Packaging Hi-Cal is shipped in super sacks and bulk by truck.

Chemical Analysis(%) Sizing U.S. Standard Mesh
  Mesh %Passing
SiO2 2.1%    
Fe2O3 0.3% 2 100%
Al2O3 11%    
CaO 96.0%    
MgO 0.1%    
Other 0.4%