Tempered Zirmag

Valley Minerals LLC ZIR-MAG is a ready to use monolithic refractory made from zircon, beneficiated zircon sand and chemical bonds. Designed for ladle pocket blocks, ZIR-MAG has found extensive use in electric furnace runners, ingot stool patches and many other applications.

Bulk Density (as rammed) 215 lbs/ft3 (3,446 kg/m3)
Modules Of Rapture

After drying at 265°F (129°C), 4200 psi (295 kg/cm2)
After firing at 2700°F (1482°C), 4000 psi (281 kg/cm2)

Permanent Linear Change (%) After firing at 2900°F (1600°C) for 5 hours
Storage ZIR-MAG should be stored in a dry place between 32°F (0°C) and 100°F (38°C). For best results, use within two months.
Standard Packaging ZIR-MAG is packaged in 50 pound polyethylene bags which are palletized.

Chemical Analysis(%) Sizing U.S. Standard Mesh
  Mesh %Passing
SiO2 36%    
ZrO2 52%    
Al2O3 11%    
Alk 1%